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(Poem circa 2008?)

Do not stare at me
The intensity of your eyes
Is too much to keep
And I, I can see everything
You cup your hands around my face
And tell me softly, “I do not belong in this place.”
This toilet paper smells like sweet summer watermelon
And fresh cucumber
The posters on my walls are staring back at me
I don’t love you
You don’t love me
So why are we always joined together?
Hips, hands, toes, heads
Lips, breasts to chest?
You touch me, what do I feel?
It isn’t anything
You kiss me; it isn’t real
I tie my hair up
I let my clothes fall
I step into a boiling water
And feel nothing at all

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I had a dream I was molesting Justin Bieber’s hair…. ?

#justin bieber  #hair  #dream  #personal